Strange New Worlds

Stories That Will Transport You

An anthology of the strange and beautiful


A reluctant immortal and his oft-reincarnated, perennially short-lived soulmate.  A housewife so frustrated, she has a consensual and fully-informed affair with a demon.  An unlikely friendship between a mistreated young girl from a windblown desert town, and the spectral gunslinger she summoned to exact revenge.   These are just a few of the worlds you will explore within the pages of this upcoming anthology, and just a few of the characters you will meet there.  

Each story relishes in the strange and unusual, the dark and colorful, the humor and humanity of the absurd.  You will be transported to vibrant, surrealistic locations, and be surprised by the familiarity you find there.   You will meet peculiar people, only to realize they are strange in the same way you are.  

All fiction is a form of transportation.  So let yourself be transported to these strange new worlds.

available in 2020!

The word from readers:

 "This is the best thing I’ve ever read. Honestly you have to tell me if you write an actual book so I can buy two copies, because one is just not enough. This is seriously amazing."  

- Deja M., on "Gunpowder Sigil"

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! It's well told and interesting. You captured the voice and essence of the character so easily. Definitely going to remember this story."

- Mia, on "The Young Immortal"

"This is flipping fantastic. Will it be an entire novel? And when?" 

 - abykittiwakewrites, on "Gunpowder Sigil" 

"Oh this is so beautiful. I love your writing, it made me feel sad for this character, but also a sense of detachment and hollowness, just like what's he's feeling." 

- Ivanna, on "The Young Immortal"

"Absolutely fantastic. You paint a lovely picture with words, I felt like I was there."

- Broekndollgirl, on "Gunpowder Sigil"

"WOW!!!! This is amazing! It just made me feel so many things."

- Sabrina, on "The Undertaker's Apprentice" 

"If I weren’t able to take the moment to compose this at my leasure, I would be speachless. I had no idea what to expect when coming into this, and perhaps I am still mulling it over."

- Blutesauger, on "The Bear" 

 "This is fucking AMAZING holy shit"

- Cameron, on "Gunpowder Sigil"


About the author

Accepted into college at fifteen, and graduate school at nineteen, Brooksie C. Fontaine has been a construction worker, cleaning lady, student curator, event organizer, poster designer, and nude studio model.  

Her short fiction has appeared in the Eunoia Review, Soft Cartel, Eskimo Pie, and Literary Yard, her illustrations have been featured in Boston Accent Lit, and her articles have appeared in Report From Newport.

She has written three novels, and is currently pursuing an MFA, running a small business, and drinking her local coffee shops.